Sunday, March 31, 2013

A note to all the blogs and websites that support this blog with a link!


I admit it.  I am woefully ignorant and technologically inept when it comes to Blogspot.  I have many blogs that have supported me, send traffic my way, and the blog owners have given me encouragement, feedback, and launched me.

And do I have their links on my blog home page?  NO.  Not because I do not want to... I desparately do!  Because I am obviously NOT seeing the important step of how to do it.

If anyone would be kind enough to offer advice I would most appreciate it!  And I will keep trying.  I promise. 

A special note of thanks to:

  • All the folks in leadership at the Children of Hoarders website
  • Joe Hoarderson
  • Mother In Law Sitting Between Us
  • Hoarders Daughter
And many, many others that I want to link to and thank. 

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