Sunday, July 16, 2017

Not for the squeamish... It is time for 'From The Mouth Of A Hoarder'!

I wanted to share this with those of you that are interested in the FTMOAH... Maybe a bit in the spirit of, rather childishly, 'if I have to experience this...'

But seriously, I know some of you can relate to my pain of 'hoarder speak', no filter, and the verbal diarrhea that flows constantly.  And on that note...


"So I have been having a HORRIBLE time going to the bathroom..."

Mother, we are not talking about this...

"And I pushed and I pushed and it would not come out and it hurt so much and ..."

Mother, I am not listening to this about your shit.  Call you doctor...

"I don't see my Lupus doctor for another 6 weeks now!  And I do not have a primary care doctor, they are all quacks! So I get a mirror to look..."

Mother, final warning.  I am NOT going...

"And there was this great big swelling next to my butthole!  I had that before!  Dr. Whomever lanced it but no doctor wants to do that anymore and..."

<<End Call>>

I drove down the highway shaking my head and laughing maniacally.  


On a separate note, I am scheduled for surgery the first week in August.  I am not telling her until I have to, and maybe not even then.  I just do not need the headache, but her insistent demands to know are tiring as well.  

Have a great night, everyone.  


  1. Hello, it's me again 😁 Just want you to know that I, too, have heard things that cannot be unheard! They never seem to run out of shocking/ridiculous things to "share!" So sorry you had your ears burned...stay strong! And best wishes for a full & speedy recovery from your surgery.

  2. Hey Girl! I just finished getting caught up. I am really concerned that you won't let anyone help you; it is such an Evilisa trait. I am guilty of taking the bus to the hospital because I just can't inconvenience others. Funny not funny eh?

    After I last checked on you, my bestie of 40+ years died. I've been having a really hard time with it. My grandmother fell and broke her hip and then my sisters asked me to please clean out Dad's house of Mom's "shit". They couldn't do it and he was working their last nerves. Of course I did it! I went up there while he was at work and I removed all the evidence of her. Later I had dinner with Dad and sisters. It's like mom never existed. Narcissists are not missed.

    ACK! The butthole story! Yes, just hang up. (yet I DID laugh)

    I will continue to think very healing thoughts for you. Thank you for sharing. I'm sitting up straight and I'm taking care of me. Please do the same. We are stronger than most and weaker people see.


  3. Debbie:

    Thank you so much, and I am so glad you understand, but again, I am sorry you have experienced this as well. I find yelling 'NOT LISTENING! NOT LISTENING! LA LA LA LA LA!' or some variation is ineffective. She just continues faster and louder. Oy vey...


    You are amazing. Thanks for checking in. I am so saddened by the loss of your friend. 40 years is a lifetime. Sorry about your grandmother, and that you had to clean the hoard. I am glad to hear that you. your dad and your sisters could move forward. Hang in there. And I have a friend taking me for surgery, and friends to stay with me after, I will be well taken care of.