Thursday, May 9, 2013


Wow.  You cannot make this stuff up.

Just hung up from a call from my mother... which is a relatively rare thing lately, she usually awaits my check in calls (which makes me happy, honestly...).  

Anyway, last night I called her quickly after I had met friends at a sushi place in a nearby town, and when I drove up to my apartment I noticed the outside lights were off on the backside of my building, where I enter my garage.  I just mentioned that it was weird, and she immediately went from zero to worst case scenario in under 10 seconds.  "Did someone sabotage them?  Should you call security?  Should you call the police?..."  You get the idea.  I told her it was fine, the place is large, and sometimes the individual timers get out of whack, and this happens. I would just use the internal stairs and go up through to my apartment rather than go out and around as I normally do.  I hung up, thinking no more about it.  

Today I stayed home from work.  I did not have anything scheduled, and I wanted to try to rest and recuperate a bit more from whatever allergic reaction/illness I acquired from being in the hoard car a week ago.  I am getting better!  YAY!  

Just a couple of minutes ago my mobile phone rings, and it is her ring tone.  (And yes, I am a sarcastic ass.  Her designated ring tone is a certain little ditty from the Wizard of Oz movie... but I digress).  I pick up the phone and she nearly screams, "Lisabeth?  Are you okay?  Is everything alright?"  Um... yes... I told you I was not going in to work today.  "Oh.  Well, I know you came in last night and the lights were off, and it was after dark, then I did not hear from you, and I was wondering if you made it in okay or if something had happened and..."  NO.  I am fine.  I am getting ready for bed.  Tomorrow will be a long day.

"Oh.  Well I did not know if you would answer, and I had called the [local county] sheriff to see if I could get the number of [my state's] state police barracks..."


"Well to see if anything..."

Never mind.  Goodnight.

<dial tone>

WOW.  WOW!  Of course, this is the same woman (who just shared this last week, 9 years after the fact) that when I was on a Caribbean Cruise with my now ex-husband Hurricane Dennis was causing a bit of issue in that area.  Apparently she called several travel agents to find out 'what they would do' and attempted to get a number to contact the cruise ship directly, but was not successful...

She is also always saying things about how she would not 'let me' do such-in-such if she knew then what she knows now.  Things like travel to South Africa and other places abroad... anything she finds 'so scary'.  Like she had any ability to permit or to deny me going!  I have been on my own and totally self supporting for many, many years.  Her perception of control and her narrow and rigid view of the world is sad.

So... I was very relaxed and getting ready for bed.  I just realized that I am sitting here, clenching my jaw hard enough to start a tension headache.  I am going to log off, take a nice warm shower, do a bit of gentle stretching, and read my lovely book in bed with my two feline house companions.  

Have a good night.

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