Monday, October 8, 2018

A funny and an update!

Wow.  I am sorry it has been so long!  First the humorous...  Or not.

Little changes for my hoarding mother.  She is continuing her downward spiral, but that is fodder for discussion on another day.

She has a 'hoardy' person that lives nearby to her, and I would not say that she is a friend, but an acquaintance... A transactional acquaintance.  She 'collects' all kinds of crap to recycle, and she mentioned that she had an infestation of what my hoarding mother calls 'ground moles'.  Now, apparently my hoarding mother read in a book or an article (probably 'Hints from Heloise' who I refer to as the Patron Saint of Hoarding') that used kitty litter will drive them away.  So, she collects a few days worth of her 6 cats' pee and takes it to her.  And in hoarder fashion, bugs her every day to see if she used it, etc.  


Apparently several days passes, and the friend opens the bags.  Later, my hoarding mother calls, and this friend exploded, screaming that she was allergic to cats, that it stunk so bad that she had to air out the house, etc.  My mother was mortally offended. 

Now- what I think happened...  My mother kept pushing for this woman to try her solution, and receiving a noncommittal answer, sent the pee bags over.  Eventually the person got into whatever she left on her from porch, and out of curiosity opened the bag.  My mother has no sense of smell, and despite her claims to the contrary, her house reeks of cat pee and hoard and probably now, adult diapers.  (She now has C-Diff). 

You can't make this stuff up.  
So, my last update was my little vocal one died.  I only had her 18 months, but we loved a lifetime.  My other kitty was stressed and sad, and I started looking for a companion for her a couple weeks later, although I was not ready, she needed someone.  Long story short, without planning, I ended up with an elder kitty that has mobility, health, lower GI issues, and is hard of hearing.  I got her 10 minutes before closing, and she was going to be euthanized the next day.  She is a pretty, sweet dilute Calico, and she gets along with my hard to get along with resident cat.  I find them napping together sometimes, sometimes lightly touching.  She is older  that presented...  The rescue said 8 years old, I estimated 12-15 years old, and the vet thinks she is 17 or older.  She was kept in a cage the last two years of her life, and she has simply blossomed in the 5 months I had her, and is a cuddle bug.  My heart breaks when I think of those fur babies I have lost, but we are reaching a new normal.

Work and health have not been a smooth ride, but I am dealing.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I am so happy to 'hear' from you! I choked/laughed and the visual of someone opening a bag of rancid pee litter. I mean UGH.

    How nice that the old cat got a nice retirement home. I adopted my dead mom's mean-as-hell dachshund about a month ago. She was evicted from the apartments we moved Dad into. Mom had two dogs but the dachshund is an ass. My Dad was crying so hard saying he has to 'put his dead wife's dog down' because no one will take her. I took her. I was the only one that could. She's bit me twice. BUT, she is much happier now. A half an acre is a lot of land for a dog with one inch legs.

    Eat well and take care of you!

    1. Thank you!

      Hope the doxxie continues to mellow as she grows into her home with you!

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  3. Thank you! Enjoy and thanks for reading!