Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A bit of levity. A very small bit...

It is in the low teens here in the northeast United States.  Wind chills are bringing the ambient temperatures down to near zero.

I spoke with my mother briefly.  She exclaimed, "They say were are getting snow on Friday!  That is UNREAL!  It is too cold to snow!"

Wait- WHAT?

"It is too cold to snow!  Everyone knows that!"

Um.  Explain to me how it snows in the Arctic. 

"[Mumbles incoherently]Ah... there is not enough moisture in the air.."

That is interesting when meteorologists tend to agree that there is nowhere on this planet that is too cold to snow.

[Abruptly changing subject]"Is it true that all doctors are going to ask if you have a gun at any medical visit?  I heard that from two different people!"


"It does not matter."

Uh huh.  Stop listening to idiots, and stop watching [a certain channel] News please. 

So- I attempted to take a moment to explain to her how this rumor came about and that it is totally bogus.

She was not convinced.

The final gem for today was...

"How much do you think 'Opey' makes in retirement? He was a cop, he was in the military, and he worked somewhere else.  He is 85 and has oldtimers!  His wife does not work, but they are always are short on money..."

[Cutting her off] Mom, it is none of anyone's business what their income is, how they spend their money, etc.

"I KNOW that Lisabeth!"  <Pouty sigh>  "So a cop's retirement should be pretty good right?  And they have Medicare and his VA benefits..."

I am not having this conversation.  WHO CARES?  

<dial tone>

Wow.  Yeah.  I am weaning her back to once a week calls before I lose what little common sense and compassion I may possess.

So- I have to ask... is it too cold to snow where you are?  <grin>


  1. Several years ago (at the suggestion of my shrink) I started saying to Mom, when she wouldn't change a subject AFTER I strongly asked her to, "Do you want to chat with me right now or do I have to hang up?"

    I still get the heavy sigh and she takes on a baby tone BUT she drops whatever subject it was. There comes a time in our lives when WE become the parent.

  2. Is your mother from Irish stock? We have that 'too cold to snow' saying here.

  3. Lisa-

    Good point. I like that better than the 'Gotta go' response. I think I will try that! And yes... it amazing, and sad, how parentified many COH's are, even from an early age.


    She is! I wondered if it was some sort of colloquialism... but for her it is not. She honestly believes that if it is below a certain temperature it cannot snow. I learn something each day!

    Hope you both have a great evening and remainder of your week!