Thursday, July 4, 2013

Another, yes, ANOTHER tidbit o'crazy.

I know I keep saying it, but... you cannot make this stuff up.  Speaking with her often exhausts me.  So... this installation of 'TOC'.

"...and I went outside, and my plants were broke over and cut down!  I was going to stake them up and I did not realize that he [hated neighbor] was not at work... He is not supposed to drive you know..."

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I know all that.  I am almost to my next destination.  Please finish this thought.

"When I looked back, he was on his porch, and when I went inside he walked into the neighbor's yard to see!  I know he wants that basement window clear!  HE HAS PLANS!  I know he does!  I wish you were not such a goody goody and would tell me how to contact [either of two people she considers to be capable of hiring for her purposes].  I just wish... I wish I had an apartment above the garage, and I would pay someone to stay here and KEEP AN EYE ON THINGS... I am sick of this!  I wish I could get him on film or recorded so he cannot lie his way out of things...  How much would a camera like [describes a security set up she saw on CSI] cost?"

Um- you can I guess, if you are willing to spend a lot of $$$.  I spent over $80,000 on the agency's 'state of the art' system 6 years ago.  

"Well, money is not an issue, and I would be willing to spend whatever amount necessary to put 'Wittle [hated neighbor's first name, using familiar form sarcastically]' in jail and get him off the streets!  I would call 9-1-1 and tell them to get him out of here! If that is not stalking I do not know what is!  Why I would spend it all to get him out of this neighborhood forever!  I would..."

Whoa.  You realize that to make a case for stalking you have to be keeping records like we discussed, correct?  Location, event, who was around, context, photos, date, time... Have you done any of that?  Kept calling the police?

"[Sulkily]No... It does not..."

Okay.  So- despite multiple discussions on a topic that I train folks for nationally and do for a living for nearly the last quarter of a freaking century, and the police reinforcing it, you have actively chosen to NOT be part of your own solution?

"It is NOT THAT WAY!  Lisabeth!  You don't understand!  You don't..."

And you realize if you do 'catch him in the act' you might at best get a conviction of B&E or some lesser charge he would plead to?  That he would not go away for long at all?  If at all?  They would not lock him up and throw away the key?


Gotta go.  <Click>

Wow.  I spared you all the discussion of him killing her petunias, her bushes, stuffing mud in her garage/driveway drain (from a mud street and unpaved driveway) and the like.

My friend is right that observed quite a while ago that she is getting worse.  It is a steady drop. Or should I say escalation?  Today I had lunch with friends and in discussion said something that hit me hard after I said it.  I had shared that it was getting harder to remember these exchanges in the detail necessary needed to accurately blog them, especially the FTMOAH (From the Mouth of a Hoarder) posts since 'the crazy' was consistent, and consistently off the chart.  It is no longer something that stands out from a base level of annoying or narcissistic behavior.  It is horribly consistent.  And I cannot get her help in spite of herself, and honestly remaining in contact with her is also about safety for me.  It is a harm reduction strategy, so the craziness of stalking, being intrusive, etc. will not escalate.

I cannot win.  This is not going to end well.  I know this.

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