Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A tidbit o'crazy for your day...

So... As I have mentioned at least 561 times in my previous posts... My hoarding mother operates under multiple delusions. They include:
-She has a 'special', dare I say, psychic connections to all animals- large, small, furred, feather or on the hoof- like a modern day Cinderella. Even other people's pets love her at first meeting, more so than they love their owners... And the outside wild animals? Why, they prefer her yard, bird-feeders, etc. the birds even have a lookout posted so when she puts out something they can let all the rest of the gang know!!!
- She MUST feed the birds, raccoons, possums, skunks, etc. as they 'have feelings too' and they all will go hungry without her efforts, despite the fact is summer.

You get the idea... Anyway, I called to check in, and she was complaining first about the bugs, she has never seen so many bugs, every day she sees a new kind of bug she has never seen before, why doesn't the birds eat the bugs... and so on. She also apparently went to KFC and got some chicken in all her horrendously challenging tasks she had to accomplish, like a doctor's appointment and stopping at the grocery.

I tuned back in when she began her usual complaining that nothing is ever prepared correctly, nothing tastes right, so she removes the fried skin because it is healthier (yeah... KFC's dunked in oil to fry, highly processed, antibiotic and hormone force fed... Oh, I diverge from the story) and removed the remaining meat from the bone.

AND TOOK IT OUT AND PLACED IT ON THE BIRD FEEDER PLATFORM. And was reveling in all the small birds that swooped down and ate every bite.

Now- I realize that wild animals have no concept such as canabalism, but...

Ick. And to feed the birds all the crap she does that is so far off the spectrum of what they would eat naturally, plus feeding them crap full of drugs, hormones, chemicals and other things that are harmful?

She refuses to see how when humans recklessly inject themselves onto the lives of wildlife, the wild animal pays a very high price and loses EVERY TIME. Birds can very easily imprint, and to her, all animals are pets, or should be.

But just to reinforce this...
She fed the wild birds fried chicken


-Hoarding... It is not about the stuff... That is merely a symptom of a life threatening mental illness.

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