Monday, October 28, 2013

From the Mouth of a Hoarder - A moment of levity

Sharing a funny moment from a recent conversation with my hoarding mother.

She apparently was watching one of those compilation TV shows where they show video clip after video clip.  This one was of naked people in situations that one would normally NOT expect to encounter naked.  As my State Trooper friend says, any nakey in public is bad nakey....

Anyway.  A gentleman was streaking, and another person chased him down, grabbed his penis, and would not let go and they were fighting.  Later the police arrived and slammed this guy into the face-down control position.  So...

"I am sure landing on the concrete on his 'worm' did not feel very good, and having someone grab it...  [more utter nonsense about men's anatomies]."  

Um, yeah, I am sure it did not.  You do know, right, that although that is a sensitive part, it is the testicles that are really sensitive and can take someone down quickly and it would stand to reason that often trauma to the penis also exerts trauma on the scrotum...

"NO!  I did not know that... I fail to see..."

Seriously?  How long were you married?  (And she was married to Dad almost 25 years, and I do not know the duration of her first marriage, or the second marriage that she does not know that I know about...)

"...what is so wonderful about little boy's and their worms.  All that garbage hanging in front!  Little boy babies are not pretty.  At least little girls are neat and all tucked in..."

GOTTA GO.  <dial tone>

Wow.  I mean... WOW.  

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