Thursday, October 24, 2013

Practicing for Trick or Treat

Quote of the week...

"All the neighbors have their lights off in the evening.  All of a sudden nothing is on outside.  It is soooo strange!  I bet they are practicing for Trick or Treat so it looks like no one is there..."


  1. Lisa and TC-

    The most (sad) amusing thing is... she lives on this horrendous, dirt/gravel road that has little to no grading done, gravel hauled in, or any of the expected maintenance. She has not given out candy since the late 70's, and there are just a few houses on that end of the street. Kids never come down that far anyway. She has been fussing about Trick or Treat for weeks now, and plans to keep all lights off, the gates locked, and the lights off in her living room and kitchen.

    Okay... a bit of overkill but whatever makes her less... crazy? Paranoid?

    You would think that it is going to be a full fledged zombie apocalypse from her complaining about it.

    Happy Halloween if you celebrate! I will be taking 1/2 the day off, going to a movie with friends, and enjoying trick or treat in their delightful neighborhood. Have a great evening!