Monday, March 17, 2014

And we arrived at Crazy Assumption-town at warp speed!

Oh dear...

My mother's neighbor called her today.  My hoarding mother had been obsessing over when she would return from vacation and clucking over her neighbor's schedule and by extension, wasteful spending.  

The neighbor has 2 small dogs, both of the miniature or teacup variety.  Long story short, one passed away due to Pancreatitis, and the little dog was only 5 or 6 years old.  Sad.

As I expressed my empathy and condolences for the neighbor, my hoarding mother was starting to obsess on the dog's young age, and suddenly interjected this gem...

"You know that Pancreatitis is caused by feeding an animal 'people food' and I just wonder... You know 'that guy' [the neighbor's live in fiance'] has a dog and although [the neighbor] claims all the dog gets is dog food, I just wonder... He has a dog and I bet he feeds it table scraps all the time because that is how men are, and he is so big!  I just bet that..."

[Interrupting her monologue...] You know that is a huge, huge leap of assumptions, right?  Sometimes young beings die.  Sometimes the reason is not linear or causal.  

"Well!  Why I think that is when I asked what she was going to do with the body she said she would bury the dog, and that she would 'do it herself'."

So based on that you have decided he intentionally or unintentionally killed her dog?  It could not be due to the fact he is 15 years her senior (the man is in his mid 70's) and has just had surgery and has back problems?  Or that the little dog was hers long before he came into her life, and that it just feels right to do this?  Wow.  WOW.  Gotta go!


Seriously?  How sodding mean and non-compassionate.  Instead of offering support, she is judging.  And coming up with an ugly thread to the story.  How can I take anything she says as based in any sort of reality?  I cannot.  That is the answer...

Just a wee vent.  Have a great rest of your week.


  1. Just so stinkin' sad. And I know that she was asking rapid fire questions like this poor woman was on the witness stand because that is what she does... Narcissism at its finest.