Thursday, June 16, 2016

'Wow... seriously?' is most likely NOT an appropriate title for this, but...

First of all, it is ironic that I picked a Cafe' to get some blogging done, and I just realized that the table of young women near me (7 of them) are some sort of group that appears to be a group targeting folks with hoarding behaviors.  They are discussing their meddling families attempting clean ups.  It is fascinating, but triggering.  I am moving to another table...

Anyway, my hoarding mother's latest.  A neighbor's tree fell on her property, and according to her, he is an absentee slumlord who is inaccessible.  She got a tree trimming service to come trim the tree back so she can get out of her detached garage, then they returned the next day to haul away the tree.  This all heralded the normal amount of guano-loco that you can imagine.  She has been calling local attorney's offices, as she plans to sue them too.  Yay??

That same day, her garage door failed.  She had to call someone out to repair it.  The opener is over 25 years old, and may be older.  Now, she has decided that the reason the part failed is someone forced it up to place the items they stole from her small 'storage barn' (shed) from the yard.  She claims they put something in the lock after they forced it open, so she can no longer open it.  My question was... how does she know what was stolen if she cannot open the door?  That was ignored.  So now, whomever did this forced her garage door open, placed those stolen-from-her-objects in the hoarded garage behind her car, with other things that are not hers, along with 'writing'.  She did not read it because she is not getting close to it.  I asked her if she called the police, and go the usual bluster and excuses.  I ended the call.

Just.  Seriously?

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