Saturday, June 4, 2016

Another episode of... From The Mouth Of A Hoarder!

Sharing a recent bit of craziness.  My hoarding mother has a mobile phone.  Not that it does her much good, as she refuses to give the number out, keep it on, keep it with her...  You know, somehow be part of her own solution.

So I called to check in.  And she starts off with her normal "I am so mad I could just KILL" bull crap.  She informs me that she was curious after having a mobile since 1995 or so, as to what her voice mail greeting sounds like.  So she called it.  And promptly went off the deep end.  It is a standard US major carrier that says something to the the effect of "You have reached..<insert my hoarding mother's name in her own voice> please leave a message."

Oh.  The. Horror.  Her name is out there for everyone to hear!  The mobile provider did this!  She called and spent hours on the phone arguing with random people who all told her the same thing I did.  No one did that 'to her' or 'for her'.  She did it.  She was furious at the 'smart asses' that 'were more interested in telling me I was wrong' than fixing it.  A person did tell her how to change her outgoing message, but that one said her phone number!!!  Jesus wept.  She finally found the option to do a personal greeting, and said that the phone now says "You have reached SALLY..." 

I explained to her that likely that she set that up in 1994 or 1995 and forgot, but I hear that message in occasion, and it is indeed her voice.  I got a lot of huffing, puffing and harrumphing type of noises, and she changed the subject and got off the phone quickly.

Before she got off the phone she wanted to know if she should buy a new spare since hers has been in her car since it was new (1994) and she wanted to know what she should do about getting her hearing aid serviced since they are in the same office as a doctor that discharged her from the practice, and according to her, she is not to be on their property even thought she did nothing to cause it.  (I remember the incident that likely resulted in that refusal of service, and it was earned... revisionist history much?)

Ai yi yi.  I have to laugh, or I would scream.  Thanks for reading...

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