Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sharing an article- How to not say the wrong thing...   

I am always searching for articles, etc. for my workplace to post on social media, and a happy, happy side effect is I often find ones that might increase my personal knowledge and, hopefully, emotional intelligence quotient just a bit.

Just completed reading this article, and thought I might send this to my hoarding mother anonymously since she will not consider this if I just have the discussion head on, or in an 'oh how interesting' way.  Not to be snarky and harmful, but perhaps, just perhaps, she will read this article, and perhaps she would rigidly follow the 'no dumping in rules'... Not because she suddenly had insight or understanding, but because in her machinations and manipulations, this is another 'rule' she might find worthy of parroting.  

Just an ill executed attempt to make my life (and others who must deal with her) lives more palatable.  I know that unless I do this very carefully, this will backfire completely.  Worth a try though... Perhaps.

The second reason I found this a helpful is as children of hoarders we get a lot of judgement and 'judgy' statements sugar-coated to look something like empathy.  This could not be more relevant.  Especially with all the statements of 'your mom is your mom no matter what' and the expectation that you put your emotional and physical health as second priority.  

Thoughts on this article one way or the other?

Hoarding... No one wins.  No one....

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