Saturday, February 16, 2013

A twisted little tidbit of crazy...

So- spoke with Mom.

Conversation starts with a long, drawn out and drama filled discussion of a strange odor in her house, how she searched for it, her overly dramatic reasoning as she continues, etc.  She finally calls the neighbor to see if she or her boyfriend smelled anything.  During the call, the neighbor's boyfriend asked if she farted in a joking manner.  Not the most cultured comment, but ... And she was offended.  MORTALLY OFFENDED.  How dare her?  He does not even know her!  Why- she has never!  And on and on it goes, and she then begins to make comments about her neighbor since she associates with the likes of him.  She even spelled F-A-R-T.  This is the woman who has no problem cursing in the most vile and abusive way, and no word or combo of words is off the table for use.  But fart?  The travesty!!!  She hung up abruptly on her neighbor and is now avoiding her call.  The thing that frightens me?  That she could smell it at all over the hoard.  It must be horrendous.  I guess we shall see how that plays out. 

Her thought as I ended the call?

"Well- this may be bad, but anytime someone speaks to me or tries to be 'friendly' I immediately wonder what they want or what they want to do to me.  So NO THANK YOU! You are not mooching off of me, trying to move in because I have a nice car and a home that is paid for."  

<The 20 year old Honda and the Hoard House? Ai yi yi!>

What do you say to that?  Ahem...

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