Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Today is the day... after all the hints, the secrets, etc. I believe she is traveling to the larger town to see the surgeon in regards to what she has said is a 'torn ligament/tendon' in her hip that forces her to walk with a cane.

If this is the case, and she gets the word that she needs surgery, the dominoes will start fall.  If... and only IF... she needs surgery, the house is impassable.  No walker, no powerchair or wheelchair, and she has to climb over things and has stairs.  She has the poor cats.  She will most likely NOT consent to surgery, since a stay in a rehab would be likely ...  And this is all in the world of worst case scenario.  Not a place I usually live or like to visit.  

BUT.  She is frail, in her later 70's and has osteopenia and osteoporosis.  One day, this will most likely come to pass. 

And I cannot, will not, get sucked into this.  Unfortunately her choices over the past decades will have serious negative consequences.  

Keep your fingers crossed that this whole thing is some gaslighting/Munchhausen effort to induce guilt since I am so emotionally disconnected.

Hoarding SUCKS.  I will not let it impact me more than it has to this point. 

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  1. Update- she goes back in 6 weeks. Got an injection, advised to use/apply ice and heat... We shall see.