Friday, February 15, 2013

Not that I am a fan of Larry the Cable Guy but...


Just in case you are not into US pop culture here is a [BAD] link to give you the idea...

So, lucky me, my mother has other anatomical obsessions other than hair on her lip and down south, poop, and anything else that can ooze or erupt.  Yup- the woman is simply obsessed with talking about her moles.  And she apparently has A LOT of them.  In seriously unsavory places.  And she likes to describe them in detail that would make a proctologist PUKE.

So... I call to check in, and in the midst of some rant she switches to how she caught a mole in her plastic underpants that cover her adult diaper and she now knows what is making it sore since IT IS STILL STUCK THERE.


You are welcome.  If I have to have that visual... I am taking someone with me to the aisle of memory bleach and a brain plunger.  

She then tries to begin to talk about what she found sticking her hand down in the diaper, and rooting around.

Um... NO.  I would like to have some sort of peaceful, happy, appetizing thought come back to me in the next day or two.


Welcome to my world...


  1. This reminds me of my husband's late Aunt. She had no inhibitions when it came to discussing things disgusting. And yes, she was a hoarder who lived in filth and squalor. I remember taking her to the doctor once when her conversation in a crowded room was so yucky that I deliberately gave everyone the impression that I was a mental health worker.

  2. Nelly-

    What a fabulous suggestion! It is sad, since I am a licensed professional and I cannot seem to use my professional distance with her.

    Something to work on!